Wording Ideas for your Wedding RSVP Card


Wording Ideas for your Wedding RSVP Card

Are you over whelmed with how to create your wedding RSVP’s? There can be so many options to choose from when it comes to wording a RSVP card, but maybe you aren’t even sure of all of them! Maybe you don’t quite know how to originate the perfect one that is truly authentic to you and your fiancé. We’ve gathered together lots of creative options for you to get ideas or spark one of your own .You shouldn’t feel like you have to make traditional choices if that’s not your preference. I’m positive your guests will enjoy wording that is unique to the couple they love.

1. A response request and a “reply by” date: in order for your vendors to get a final number we recommend asking your guest to RSVP about 3-4 weeks before the wedding date.


Please reply by 08.15.09
Please respond by August 15th
The favor of your reply is requested by the fifteenth of August
Kindly respond before August 15th, 2009
Please reply by 08.15.09
Please kindly respond by August 15th
RSVP no later than August 15th
Please respond no later than August 15th, 2009
Please RSVP by August 15th
Please let us know by 08.15.09
Kindly reply by August 15th
Please respond online by visiting our website at: _______________________ (website) by August 15, 2009

2. I don’t know about you but I didn’t always know what the “M____________” was meant for on RSVP’s! The “M” is used to start the first letter of your guest’s title. For example, your married guest might write “Mr. and Mrs. William James.” This is definitely a more traditional route but isn’t necessary if you choose a different way for your guests to fill in their names.



3. This last part can be the more personal, fun part! Find, or even mix and match to create, your favorite way to ask for accepts and regrets!


delighted to attend // sorry, can’t make it
wouldn’t miss it for the world // will celebrate from afar
yes! (can’t wait!) // no. (so, so sad…)
deal meal in // sitting out
I’m so in // I’m so lame
can’t wait // will be there in spirit
accepts with pleasure // declines with regret
oh yeah! cant wait, save me the best seat // boo, can make it. be with you in spirit
can’t wait! // can’t come.
accepts // regrets
heck yes! // sadly, no
delightfully accepts // regretfully declines
can’t wait to come // sorry to miss it
yes, bring on the food & dancing! // no, ________ (insert creative excuse)
yeah! already practicing my dancing moves // darn! can’t make it, be with you in spirit
can’t wait to be there // party on without us
yes, let’s live it up // no, and I’ll forever regret my decision
will attend // will not attend
yes! of course, I’ve waited 10 years for this! // no, I would love to, but can’t make it
wouldn’t miss it // have fun without us
shall // shall not be celebrating with you on your special day
happily accepts // regretfully declines
will definitely be there // sadly cannot be there
yes! wouldn’t miss it // bummer. can’t make it.

I am so ________ (adjective) to be invited to your wedding! I can’t wait to _________ (verb) you both and ________ (verb) with you at the wedding. I hope the DJ plays _________ (song) by _________ (artist) so that I can totally get my _________ (verb) on. I wish you happiness and _________ (plural noun).

Are you in?

When (bride and groom’s names) _________ (verb) down the ____________ (noun) on August 15th, ____________ (guest’s names) will/will not be there to _________ (verb) them. We were so ___________ (adjective) to receive our invite. We’re very _______ (emotion) for (bride and groom’s names) and wish them many _________ (plural noun) of ___________ (verb).

Some other things to consider on your RSVP:

a space for the number of guests attending ( in case you feel they wont include everyone in the name portion)
# of Guests Attending _________________ or Number Attending __________

you can note the number of seats reserved for this guest as well if you are concerned about the count
We have reserved _____ seats in your honor ( we typically fill in the number when printing for our clients but you can write it in too)

If you are offering meal options make sure they is noted as well.
Please list any serious food allergies or dietary restrictions below:

Definitely not necessary but a fun way to make the party more personal and inviting to your guests would be to add a request for favorite dancing songs!
I promise to dance if you play _________________________

Request your favorite dancing song
Song ___________________

If you’re not big on the traditional RSVP card and plan to have guests RSVP online instead of mailing acrd back, to keep the look and feel of your invitation suite a bit more formal by NOT putting this information directly on your invitation ( not to mention it will look crowded) I still suggest a traditional size RSVP card that just lets people know they can RSVP online ( still give a deadline date) and then write in your website.

Kindly Reply by
January 19, 2019
by visiting our wedding website at www.weddingwebsite.com

We hope these examples help you feel confident in creating a one of kind RSVP card for your guests!


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