Wedding Day Stationery and Signage Ideas


Wedding Day Stationery and Signage Ideas

It is well known that your invitation will set the tone for your wedding, but on the actual day- all those little details are what will make your special day unique, personalized and memorable. I have been working in the event industry ( specializing in weddings) for over a decade and from experience can tell you that the signs, and stationery you include with your branding and style will really add to the overall feel. Now I should mention that these items are a chance to be unique and creative so I highly recommend that for at least some of these items, you consider doing something a little more unique not just a typical 5×7 piece of paper or a copy of something you have seen on pinterest ( though it is a great place for inspiration) So, to help your brainstorming of how to make your wedding personal here are some “day of” items to consider:

Welcome Signage

This is a great place for a big installation and a way to add to your entry. It could be a neon sign, a big painted wooden piece or a clean acrylic piece

Seating Charts

Getting unique with these is my favorite! Whether it is the title, the theme or even just the colors- this is one place to get super creative.

Place cards

Place cards are the cards that you set at each guest’s place setting, so if you choose to use them this is an area to add to the overall table design. You can personalize and make it a sweet favor, a wine charm or even just have their hand written name at the top of their menu. One client we had took the opportunity to write something they loved about that guest so each person had a unique message just for them at their spot- talk about personalized!


Menus are one of the best ways to add diversity to your table design. It can be the pop of color, or a special shape or material, it can add a layer of dimension to the charger and napkin. It can be personalized. I always suggest that even if your budget cant cover doing a specialty menu for each guest to at least do them at the head table or sweetheart table so you can get some gorgeous photos and do something special for the wedding party and family.

Table numbers

Table numbers can be beautiful, they can accent your florals and design instead of taking away from it. They also don’t have to be a tented piece of paper, they could be a basket, a piece of fruit, a beautiful acrylic art piece, a painting or words written in a beautiful script.

Other accent items to consider:

  • Swizzle sticks (also a great option for a welcome drink or place cards)
  • Cocktail napkins (fun place for a cool fact, funny saying you have or quote- or branded with your monogram)
  • Welcome bags ( or boxes) with custom itinerary, fun map, activities to try while in the area… include and a few branded sweet treats to get out of town guests excited about their time with you. Make it feel like a beautiful vacation and give them a taste of destination you are in
  • Bar Signage-this could be signature cocktail drinks, or just the simple bar menu but have it continue your branded style- whether they are hand painted or clean and written clear
  • Sweetheart chair signs
  • Appetizer signage
  • Treat bags ( donuts, cookies, candy bar bags)
  • Coasters
  • You can even get crazy with custom chargers or napkin rings for the more intimate weddings ( or the head table)
  • Guest book or signage for your guest book
  • Cards and gifts sign and container
  • Center pieces
  • Ribbon for bouquets or Cake or favors
  • Favors

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