Making a Non-Traditional Wedding look Traditional


Making a Non-Traditional Wedding look Traditional

Jane and Steve are two peas in a pod, or in this case a starship;) They love games, love fantasy and love sci-fi. So when they decided to get married they knew they wanted to incorporate their favorite colors, shows and interests into their big day, but their families expected something traditional. Challenge accepted!

In order to get the best ideas of what the couple loved- I research and brainstorm and sketch and the result are mood boards that are full of inspiration, sketches, fonts, and ideas to pull throughout the wedding. This…my friends is where the magic happens where we find a way to tie together traditional and unconventional.

One way they were able to incorporate a traditional element was the venue- they decided to get married at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in California which is a gorgeous hotel known for its victorian heritage and sits right on one of the most coveted beaches in the world. My biggest challenge was trying to find a way to make harry potter mix with star wars and game of thrones fit with battle star galactica. I decided that the way to “mesh” these together and still keep traditional elements was to create patterns and designs from the symbols used in each show. I used these symbols to make design elements that were used throughout the wedding and I used to create a custom seal for the couple and then we themed specific things like the escort cards and table names.

Because the couple did not want the traditional florals used for centerpieces, instead I created large laser cut wooden sculptures designed to reflect the symbols from these shows in a way that made it look like abstract art pieces but if you knew any of the shows you may see some elements hidden throughout ( like aya starks dagger, the snitch from harry potter etc). I painted them copper and then we worked with the florist @organicelements to wind beautiful greenery throughout the pieces.

The menus added in the kelly green and copper and played up the couples love of games and puzzles but being a code finder style. You had to slide it to find out what the entrees were, the sides, desserts etc.

Other elements added in the custom touches without being overwhelming or too heavy on the “theme” included a custom crest banner behind the cake, custom ribbon for the bouquets and cake, a custom acrylic puzzle guestbook of the firefly starship for people to sign, Custom programs, place cards, table numbers and even custom sci fi cocktails and garnishes.

The band dressed in their best star trek attire and gaming stations were set up on the parameter of the room so guests could play a game when they needed to take a break from the dance floor.

To the naked eye- the overall effect was traditional and beautiful with white linens and copper place settings but the super custom elements sprinkled throughout made it personal and perfect for this couple. The key- start with mood boards, brain storms and creative sketches, something we do with all our couples who want an out of the box completely unique experience.

Photography: Orange turtle
Event Coordination and Design: White Lace Events
Florist: Organic Elements


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